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Nanaschair.beforeMy great-grandmother’s deep-seated comfy chair is more than 100 years old; since plucking it from my grandmother’s basement when I went off to grad school, it’s moved with me for another 30. My grandmother had it upholstered in a nubby brown cotton in the 1940s and nothing’s been done for it since. Always the most comfortable chair in the house (if not the most lovely), I’ve kept it in my bedroom. Lately, with the laser-sharp awareness of imperfection one develops when getting a house ready for sale, I had to accept that the chair’s shabbiness had progressed beyond the standard considered chic. The fabric was tearing off the chair frame’s top edge and worn down to the cotton batting on the arms; the feather cushions had lost their oomph. In a burst of inspired procrastination equal to the one that brought the chair to this sorry state in the first place, I put aside the packing and cleaning to give my comfy chair an overdue intervention.

Nanaschair.after copy

There wasn’t enough of the floral to cover the whole chair but, in a happy accident, it shared the same colors as a large-check plaid also in my stash, though they were purchased years apart. This combination, with the plaid on the back and sides, balances well and will look great in my new space. Here’s to its next 100 years!