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Twenty-six years ago, I made a tea-dyed muslin doll called Miss Muggawump (on the far left) for my daughter, Sarah. With an archival pen, I wrote a message for her on the doll’s back before dressing her in lace-edged cotton and a Liberty pinafore. I’ve made many other dolls since then but never another like Miss Muggawump, though I have been putting fabric aside for years for just that purpose. And now I’ve done it—Miss Muggs has inspired a new generation of dolls and I am having a lot of fun with all the choices associated with their construction.

Like Miss Muggs, the new dolls are made with tea-dyed muslin and their clothing from salvaged and vintage fabrics and trims. My daughter Sarah was very stylish as a child (still is) and would put together wonderful combinations of skirts, stockings, aprons, tutus, slips, and belts. I keep her spirited creativity in mind as I select fabrics and make patterns for leggings and tee shirts and whatever else a particular doll seems to need.

These are only the first two that I’m getting ready to list in my Etsy store, Wright’s Department Store. I’ll provide more details of the materials used in their construction and suggestions for their care, too.

Many thanks to Pugly Pixel for the nifty arrow download I used in the top picture. Her tutorials are amazing!